Fine Art Prints

All prints are produced by archival quality ink jet printers and inspected for color accuracy and overall quality. Color accuracy is verified through a color-managed workflow from start to finish. There may be slight color and density differences between the on-screen images and the print due to monitor variations.

**Print Size reflects the actual image area. Paper dimensions are larger and include margins for flexible matting and framing options.


Choosing the right paper for the right image is important. Each print media type has its own characteristics and personality. For that reason, I will briefly describe the paper choices I offer and give you my recommendations on choosing the best paper for the image you have chosen.


Exhibition Fiber

Exhibition Fiber is a thick, fiber based paper that has a high dynamic range and a wide color gamut. It is classified as an F-type paper like a gloss, but has more of a luster type surface. It is not as reflective as traditional gloss surface papers. It is a great choice for most images, and really shines for color prints where high detail is critical.


Gallery-Wrapped Canvas

Gallery-wrapped canvas is a 1 1/4, luxurious, premium archival wrap that extends the image around the sides of the mounting canvas to display on all sides. It is archival against fading, and comes with a hard back for durable construction, plus mounting hardware. It is also a surface that is very easy to clean, and it just screams "fine art".

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions that you may have!